Mobile Apps have emerged as the dominant tool of digital interaction with customers and other business stakeholders as an increasing number of people are spending their digital time on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.There may be a perception that mobile apps are only for large corporations such as Canadian Tire and RBC. The reality is that the mobile adoption continues to increase significantly among small and midsize companies. Companies of all sizes are becoming more and more aware that mobile searches are three times more likely to result in action than they would on the desktop.

Mobile apps can be used as great tools to connect with on-the-go customers, increase your company’s visibility through exposure across mobile devices, enhance sell-through, help customers get driving directions to your location and provide them with easy access to your inventory. In short, mobile apps keep you ahead of the game in your marketing campaigns. Azmi Consulting understands that an effective mobile strategy goes beyond a mobile-friendly website. We create this direct marketing channel for your business in four simple steps.

Our professionals will sit with you to design the look and feel of your application. Using the latest marketing trends and strategies, we will ensure that your applications deliver the highest customer satisfaction possible and make it an enjoyable experience for the user. Our professionals will ensure that application is functional, intuitive, and up to date with the latest mobile trends.

Once the general design is finalized and approved by you, our professionals will get to work on developing the application that loads quickly over a cellular network and has finger-friendly navigation. Our engineers are experienced with developing applications across all platforms including Apple, Windows, Android, and Web.

Mobile apps are viewable around the world. As such, it is critical to test it to make sure that the users have a great experience every time they use the application. We will test the application across all platforms to ensure the application is stable, functioning, compatible, and most importantly, it meets all your business needs.

After the testing is completed, we will not only distribute and publish your app to the market but we can also help you get the word out about the application through online advertising and promotions.

We believe in collaborative, creative, and technical work. Our professionals develop mobile apps on a platform that match your marketing needs while providing great responsive user experience, adding robust security, building cross-platform (Android, iOS, and Windows platforms) and omnichannel (web and mobile) support. These critical capabilities of our professionals lead to generate new leads and repeat business for your company.

If you have any questions regarding web-based mobile applications please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to suggest you the most appropriate solution for your business needs.