Business Analysis

We do research to identifying your business needs, or business problems and recommending viable solutions that deliver value to your Business.
Your business needs may also consist of organizational change, process improvement, policy development or strategic planning.

Project Management

We help owners to keep their projects on track from project conception through to the selection of consultants, planning, tendering and final completion, closeout, and commissioning.
We offer Project Management services based on standard methodologies like PMI or SCRUM

IT Consultancy

We offer our clients a diverse assortment of professional services including business analysis, project management and it consulting. We have had experience working with a myriad of industries including governmental institutions, healthcare, telecommunication and various other industries

Our ideal client is standing at the crossroads of the business goals…. Looking to navigate the road ahead with the right resources.

Since 1993

Azmi Consulting is a leading business analyst, project management and IT consulting firm in Toronto. We are passionate to deliver superior and exceptional standards for all spheres of our business. At Azmi Consulting, we are committed to developing a lasting partnership with our clients by offering them with dedicated and business analysis, project consulting services, which exceeds their expectations.



We deliver our clients with an open, robust and collaborative approach to deal with the diverse continuum of business needs.
We believe in people care, knowledge share, innovation dare, and commitments fair. We are proud to have assembled a cross-functional team of professionals who are passionate about building an attractive, dynamic and efficient web experience with the marketing end in mind.

Businesses need to stay in a constant advancement mode, to be able to survive and progress in today’s economy. Irrespective of your business vision, our business analysis, and project management Toronto services can deliver business solutions that help businesses make their next great leap forward.
Change management is one of the most important needs of the day for businesses to succeed in today’s challenging marketplace. Azmi Consulting assists businesses to implement winning strategies by successfully accomplishing the internal and external change management, all the way while tracking the outcomes. To put it simply, our business analyst and IT consulting sieves are meant to help businesses get things done timely and affordable.
Access to the insightful information is the key to better business decisions. Our project management services are meant to help businesses conduct feasibility studies that give you the detailed insights into the process analysis, so you can make the right choice. Our experienced team is well-qualified to leverage businesses to survive and progress in today’s complex economic world of contending priorities and manifold projects.

Why are we different?

We have a rather different approach against the traditional business and IT consulting firms in Canada. Our extensive industry experience and highly qualified staff enable us to quickly understand the needs and requirement of business owners, come up with bespoke solutions to generate better revenue streams and positive business outcomes for businesses. We understand the importance of adding real value in commercial engagements, that’s the reason why we cut short on boosting our business and rather focus on asking questions, listening aspirations and determining the future pathway for our clients.

Why Work With Us?

What really differentiates us from the rest of the business analyst and project management firms is the quality of staff, experienced team and proven business processes. We ensure to bring the right fusion of knowledge, expertise, and skills that lead businesses to their organizational goals and objectives

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We understand that everything doesn’t always go to plan. That’s why we pride ourselves on top-notch quality of support