Azmi Consulting provides your business with fast, efficient, reliable, and most importantly cost-effective IT consultancy.
IT consulting, also referred to as technology consulting or subject matter experts, relates to services aimed at helping customers on how they can utilize their information technology to optimally achieve their business objectives or overcome problems.

The IT consulting segment contains both advisory and implementation services such as business process automation, digital risk management, systems implementation, and IT enterprise security. The type of work can range from strategic to tactical to highly operational for example, developing a new IT strategy or Big Data approach for strategic goals for the implementation of an ERP system or the selection of an IT system to the development of a mobile application.

Networking and System Integration


Accelerated changes in technology, business processes, and volumes are driving IT systems ever harder; traditional re-engineering cycle times are far too slow to cope. Our wide-ranging experiences in enterprise software architecture allow us to offer innovative solutions by positioning technology with an architecture that gives the greatest business benefits to the clients.

Our expertise in system software development, operating systems, and our experience with enterprise management solutions from reputed vendors help us to guide our clients in planning and implementing enterprise systems management solutions. This includes product selection, configuration and implementation, and training, that effectively exploit the potential of such a product.

The role and importance of IT to gain a competitive advantage in business are recognized the world over. However, enterprises are finding it difficult to build and grow IT capability in-house in the long run, and are therefore pursuing long-term IT outsourcing relationships. Outsourcing an IT function benefits the entire enterprise by allowing the enterprise to focus on its core businesses, and enhance business efficiency by adopting the best industry practices built into the solutions provided by its IT outsourcing partner.

Website Design and Development
Our experienced web designers work with your team at every step of the design to ensure complete satisfaction with your company.
We offer a range of customized web application development services to meet your business’s unique needs. These services include full-cycle custom software development for complex Internet applications and e-business applications. We work with your team to create web applications that enhance the user experience, and create user-friendly content management along with interactive and customized interface applications.
High-End Custom Web Design
Web Site Redesign – Fresh Look
Web Site Content Writing
Front & Backend Programming
CMS Interface & Training

E-Commerce Solutions
Today, E-Commerce has gained wide popularity and is rapidly growing. It has revolutionized society by not only making the purchase of various commodities easy but also providing a great variety of goods and services to purchase and is extremely time efficient, We will create your SEO-friendly web presence based on your business and technical requirements and deliver the results you expect on-time and on budget.

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps have emerged as the dominant tool of digital interaction with customers and other business stakeholders as an increasing number of people are spending their digital time on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.


Social Media Marketing
In recent years, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more have become a formidable force on the social media forum. Enjoying high membership and similarly high viewership, it has become a platform where businesses can market their product and collect customer feedback simultaneously.

SEO and SEM Management
E-commerce is a $341.7 billion-dollar Industry. SEO helps you get the piece of this rapidly growing pie. Internet and mobile shopping along with the acceptability of online payments provide businesses with the unique opportunity to connect with their customers. SEO helps you achieve this sought-after goal by improving your website’s search engine rankings and bringing your business qualified leads and customers.