This is a smart era where we not only have smart people but now we have smartphones, smartwatches, and even a Smart TV. With technology advancing every day and something ‘smarter’ is popping up each day which is smarter than the former smartest, we are now moving towards an age where we will shorten the world’s distances through the advancements in communication.

Recently, reading an article about wireline and how this technology has been spread all over Europe. Wireline could be the next step in the world becoming wireless as the spreading out of these lines will provide us with high-speed internet along with a boost to VDSL2 and G. Fast Technology.

Wireline is actually a project where the optical fibers would be spread all over the world. The success of the optical fibers is the fast rate of bit transfer through the wire. The bits travel almost at the speed of light and could travel the world in no time. Therefore, laying down these lines could eventually make the world almost wireless, with network providers providing their customers with high-speed internet along with cutting their costs of laying down copper wires and increasing the broadband speed.

Hence, fiber roll-out will increase as a result of the growing interworking between wireless and wireline infrastructures.